A Solid and Diversified Income Fund

Solid Rock Capital offers an alternative to low-interest banks, long-term real estate, and high-risk Wall Street investments.

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Investment Terms

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Are You Looking For A Solid Investment Fund, But You Are…

Frustrated with low interest rates at banks

Concerned with the return of your money, as well as the return on your money


Uneasy about the volatility of the stock market

At Solid Rock Capital

We Invest In funds that...

are well established

Have a strong track record

Provide a consistent yield

You don’t need to look any further, we have the unique diversified income fund you are seeking.

Income From Main Street, Not Wall Street

As advisors to Accredited Investors, Institutions, Businesses, and Charitable Trusts, we understand the effects of stock market volatility and low interest rates on portfolios. This experience led us to create Solid Rock Capital, offering investors like you an alternative to earn competitive returns on their investments without the instability of Wall Street.

Our Process

1. Get information and check out our investment terms

2. Fill out the necessary documents

3. Enjoy consistent and competitive income 

Details You Should Know

$50,000 minimum investment
7% preferred return

Quarterly distributions
Liquidity after 24 months
No management fee

We are focused on investing in diversified funds with excellent track records. Our disciplined approach and rigorous risk management results in a diversified portfolio generating stable, high yield, fixed-income returns for investors.

Let Us Explain

At Solid Rock Capital we believe Wall Street is not the answer to every investor’s needs. We understand the frustration with low interest rates at banks and concerns about volatility and high fees on Wall Street. This is why we created a solid, stable and diversified income fund, not based on Wall Street markets or primarily on Real Estate.

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